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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Amish - Walking the Walk

While the Christian Church has thrown around the name of Jesus from the very beginning it has rarely paid any attention to his teachings preferring instead to rely on the unforgiving intolerant passages in the old testament. From the beginning it was designed to be a political rather than spiritual body. A state church to be used as a tool to consolidate political power. Now the teachings of Christ himself did not lend themselves to such a purpose so the Church was built not on the teachings of the man who gave it it's name but on the Old Testament. This week the Amish, in their time of sorrow, showed that at least one small group of Christians take the words of Christ seriously. I was going to do a lengthy post on this but over at The Left Coaster soccerdad did it for me. Go read Forgiveness versus Hate.

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