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Sunday, October 01, 2006

An alternate conspiracy theory

With what can only be described as the Foley bombshell and the hype about Woodward's new book all hitting five weeks before the mid term elections the Bush cultists are talking conspiracy. This is especially true of the Foley story and here are a couple of examples: There have also been some questions about the timing of the Woodward book and the media attention it has received.
Now let's be honest folks - the Democrats aren't smart enough to pull of one of these conspiracies much less two. At he same time I will admit that it is suspicious. Once again, let's be honest - neither of these stories would get any traction without help from the corporate media. And boy have they been helping. So what might be the explanation? A conspiracy - but not one by the Democrats but by the classic conservatives, the corporatists. They are out of power and don't like it. The insanity of the Cheney cabal is a potential threat to profits. And yes, perhaps even the feudalists may realize that another two years of a Bush administration with no oversight may threaten the world. That would not be good for profits either. Is there a conspiracy? Perhaps, but don't look at the Democrats, they don't have it in them.

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