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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What news?

I was doing my morning graze through the news aggregators today and really couldn't find anything that inspired a post. Same old shit - different day. I found the military coup in Thailand interesting because I've thought more than once in the last few months that a military coup in the United States might be the only thing to save it and the world. But still no post. I took a trip over to John Cole's Balloon Juice and found I was not alone, John too thought it was Groundhog Day.
I can’t be the only person who, when turning on the news, feels like it is Groundhog Day. Take a look at what has been going over the newswires in the last few days:

1.) Bush and some crazy Middle Eastern dictator are having verbal spats, scaring the shit out of anyone with a brain and arousing Michael Ledeen and a few people excited about the ‘Rapture.’
2.) Radical Clerics in the Middle East are fomenting violence and having their followers burn churches because someone suggested (or may have seemed to suggest) that Islam is a violent religion.
3.) The Dixie Chicks have pissed someone off.
4.) Bill Maher is arguing with a network about what he can and can not say.
5.) We are STILL debating whether torture is bad.
6.) Iraq is a bloody mess, and there will be no troop cuts this year.
7.) The Pirates suck.
8.) Lobbyists for corporations are still having their way with the taxpayer, courtesy of a corrupt legislative process and crooked pols.
9.) We are still flying the space shuttle (the NASA equivalent of the Corvair), and lo and behold- we are worried that shit is falling off or hitting it midflight and we might kill some more scientists.
Ya, that's pretty much what I saw too.

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