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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Let Bush Politicize

Many on the left and the Democrats are complaining about George W. Bush's politicizing 911 in his Oval Office speech. It should have come as no surprise, nothing the Rove driven George W. Bush says or does is driven by politics. They should also thank him because it was really bad politics. He was trying to sell his failed policy and war in Mesopotamia. We have reached a point in the Iraq war, let's call it the Social Security point, where the more he tries to sell it the more the opposition increases. Politics that worked 3 years ago when Bush and his administration still had some credibility will not work now when they don't. The people of the United States now see that Bush and his administration have been wrong about everything. The situation in Iraq is deteriorating, we see evidence of that everyday. A majority of Americans now realize that Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terror until Bush invaded it. Talking about Iraq is not something the Bush administration should be doing unless they actually want the Democrats to win in November. Keep it up George - we are counting on you.

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