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Sunday, August 13, 2006

So you think Joe Lieberman is a Democrat

Guess what Blogs display this:

Captains Quarters

Jonathan Chait gives us some more reasons.

The best rationale for Lieberman's candidacy all along was that he was an important spokesman for Democrats who take seriously the threat of Islamist radicalism. Unfortunately, Lieberman was never an ideal messenger for that ideology. He has supported capital-gains tax cuts, ultra-loose financial regulations and the crucial vote on the grotesque bankruptcy bill. He has an almost pathological need to be liked by the far right.

Above all, he has maddeningly failed to acknowledge just how badly the Iraq war has turned out, which is different from insisting that we have to fix the mess we created. After all, many hawkish Democrats such as Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware supported the war and don't want to retreat but fully acknowledge President Bush's catastrophic management of the occupation.

Another one of Lieberman's friends, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman.
Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman refused to support the Republican candidate in Connecticut’s Senate race. Mehlman expressed his agreement with Lieberman’s policies on the Iraq war and national security. Mehlman said that Lieberman had been "kicked out of the Democratic party" for supporting the President’s position on the Iraq war.

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