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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Self destructing

Well Katherine Harris Joe Lieberman continues to self destruct. Now we know where all of those campaign workers who left the Harris campaign went. First on Faux News today he said if his independent campaign hurts the Democrats chances of picking up congressional seats in Connecticut it serves them right.
Foxnews asks "Will Connecticut senator's independent run help embattled GOP candidates?"

Joe's response? "Well, they should have thought of that before they had the primary."
As Chris Bowers says there are a number of ways to read this but none of them are good.

Now Lieberman has a new ad where he tells voters to forget all the bad stuff and just think about the good stuff and vote for him. Of course the problem for Lieberman is there simply isn't that much good stuff.
- The ad telling people to relax and focus on the “good stuff” came out the very same day the Census Bureau reported that an increasing number of Connecticut residents are in poverty and without health insurance. Specifically, almost one in 10 Connecticut residents now lives below the poverty line and has been forced to go without health insurance at some point in the last year - dramatic jumps from just a few years ago.

- The ad telling people to relax and focus on the “good stuff” came out the same day that 50 people were killed in gun battles and suicide bomings in Iraq.

- The ad telling people to relax and focus on the “good stuff” came out the same week as the anniversary of the Katrina disaster - the same week we see that a wide swath of our own country has been left to rot after our top White House and congressional leaders did nothing to protect the area.
As Sirota points out apparently Lieberman also wants them to forget that he supported NAFTA and China PNTR that have all but destroyed Connecticut's economy. What is a nine letter word for out of touch? Lieberman of course.

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