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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Post Connecticut

I'm going to have a hopefully thoughtful post on the Lamont win later. Yes I'm going to think about it and not shoot from the hip as I have done to often lately. I am going to direct you over to a thoughtful post by disgruntled Republican John Cole. I'll leave you with a few snips but go read the entire thing.
While the Bush brigade will see this loss as the ‘left-wing crazies’ taking over, true conservatives and libertarians will note that they had no horse in this fight. Lieberman may be a swell guy, and Kerry may have been branded a flip-flopper in 2004, but I remember Joe as the original flip-flopper. When he accepted the bid to be Veep in 2000, Joe did an about face on many issues he had previously held, and quite comfortably moved back to them once Al Gore had conceded. That leads me to tend to agree that the core principle that Joe Lieberman holds dear is keeping himself in office, although I will agree that Lieberman does seem to be a nice enough guy.


I guess I have one final thought- I was never a fan of Joe Lieberman. I did cheer him for ‘getting it right’ on the War on Terrah (and I have gotten so many things wrong about that I shouldn’t even be allowed to speak about it), but I was never a fan of Joe Lieberman. All the things Joe was ‘moderate’ on (translation- voted with Republicans) were generally issues that I disagreed with the GOP about, to include controlling content in television/video games, and a wide range of issues that are too broad to get into right now. I also always felt that Joe Lieberman was a wholly own subsidiary of the insurance and banking industries, and never felt comfortable with that.
From that I think we can see that while Joe will get the vote of the Republican wingnuts a lot of more thoughtful Republicans see right through him. Lieberman certainly has the advantage for the general election right now but then who thought he could possibly lose the primary five months ago?

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