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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Madman in Charge

I'm going to ignore the humanitarian aspects of the current engagement in Lebanon for a moment and just look at the sanity of it. Like most necon projects, and yes the madmen in charge on Israel are neocons, it make no sense, that is it's insane. Over at Preemptive Karma Kevin comes to the conclusion that Israel must want war. So why is this insane? Aside from the obvious reasons, that may not be that obvious to us non-cons, Bilmon gives us a reason even the Israelis should understand.
The problem, from an Israeli point of view, is that even if the IDF does succeed in clearing southern Lebanon of Hizbullah fighters, the likely response from the great powers, including the US ofA, will be to pat Olmert on the back, tell him "job well done," and then let the Israelis deal with the nasty job of occupying the ground they have cleared.

After all, why stick your hand down the garbage disposal if somebody else is already doing the job. Let them lose a finger or two.
That's right, Israel has been sent to the edge of a cliff. By who you ask. Who do you think? The Lord of Darkness himself, Dick Cheney. When Ian Flemming was thinking up villains for James Bond to face he was anticipating Dick Cheney.

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