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Monday, August 07, 2006

Lieberman a centrist?......

......I don't think so!
We have repeated here on many occasions that A "centrist" is not a Democratic neocon. Today Glenn Greenwald asks if Lieberman is a centrist why all the endorsements from the nuttiest of the wingnuts?
The idea that Lieberman is some sort of "centrist Democrat" and that the effort to defeat him is driven by radical leftists who hate bipartisanship is nothing short of inane. Why would Sean Hannity and Bill Kristol be so eager to keep a "centrist Democrat" in the Senate? Lincoln Chafee is a "centrist Republican." Are there any Democrats or liberals who care if Lincoln Chafee wins his primary? Do leftist ideologues run around praising and defending and working for the re-election of Olympia Snowe or Chris Shays or other Republican "centrists"? Do Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity love other Democratic "centrists," such as, say, Mary Landrieu or Joe Biden? The answer to all of those questions is plainly "no".

The love which right-wing extremists have for Joe Lieberman isn't based on the fact that he's a "centrist." If Lieberman were a "centrist," extremists would not care about him. They would not be vigorously urging his re-election, or praising his potential appointment as Bush Defense Secretary, or touting him as a Vice-Presidential running mate for George Allen. They do that because he is one of them -- a neoconservative extremist who is with them on virtually every major issue of the day.
As I reported on Saturday ├╝ber wingnut Bill Kristol endorsed Lieberman for both Secretary of Defense and 2008 Republican VP. No, Joe Lieberman is no centrist.

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