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Friday, August 04, 2006

Joe's plan B (or is it C)

In 2000 Joe Lieberman decided to run for both Vice President and the Senate selfishly risking a Democratic seat. Well is Joe trying to line up a back up employment opportunity in 2006? Raw Story reports that now he thinks Rumsfeld should go.
Calling in from his campaign bus, Joe's Tomorrow Tour Bus, Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) told syndicated radio host Ed Schultz (right) that "a new face at the head of the Pentagon might help to open minds and rebuild some public support support here in America" for the Iraq war.


Nine minutes into the interview, Schultz turned the interview to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, asking "Do you think Don Rumsfeld should resign or stay on the job?"

Lieberman responded, "I understand you are asking that after Hilary Clinton's statement yesterday..."

Cutting in, Schultz told Lieberman that "there's also been seven Generals that [believe] he should leave, too."

Lieberman continued, "I understand their calls...Two and one half years ago... I was asked and I will give you the same answer I gave then.
Of course his "answer" was a typical Loserman non-answer.
"Rumsfeld serves at the pleasure of the President. But, I can tell you this, if I were President, I would say "Thank you, but we need some new leadership at the Pentagon."
Notice he didn't say anything about Rumsfeld's incompetent performance. Schultz was not even sure what Lieberman's answer was.
Schultz then asked, "So you think Rumsfeld should go?" After an extended response from Lieberman, Schultz said he was assuming Lieberman's answer to the question was "yes."

"I have to take that as a "yes;" I think our audience would take it as a 'yes,'" he said.

Lieberman replied, "Yeah. Yeah Yeah. -- No. No, it is a 'yes.'"
Perhaps Joe can go "recharge his antlers" with his centrist neocon partner in crime, Marshall Wittmann.
As some have noted, the Moose has directed much of his ire lately toward the lefties. There is a need for a serious, centrist Democratic Party. However, just as some on the right corrupted the GOP back in the nineties, some on the left are now driving the Democrats to the extreme on national security.

It is particularly disgusting witnessing the left's ambiguity or hostility toward's Israel's war of self defense. However, their attitude toward Israel should not be surprising - their discomfort with a nation fighting a war of self defense is obvious. The reaction to this conflict reveals one of the great myths of the left - that they are only opposed to the Iraq war but they are otherwise tough on the war against terror. Their attitude toward the use of force mirrors that of the French Foreign Ministry.

So where does this situation leave the Moose? He is an economic progressive, cultural tradionalist and a hawk - a mammal without a party who continues to graze in the political center.

Note - The Moose will be recharging his antlers and will return to this space in a couple of weeks.
So, Secretary of defense Lieberman? Better that than Senator Lieberman

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