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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is Karl Rove working for Lieberman?

This smells a lot more like Karl Rove than Ned Lamont.
Lieberman Campaign Says Web Site Hacked
Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was locked in a battle with an anti-war challenger in the nation's most closely watched primary race Tuesday, accused his opponent's supporters of hacking his campaign Web site and e-mail system.

Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith said the campaign has contacted the Connecticut attorney general's office and asked for a criminal investigation by state and federal authorities.

"If Ned Lamont has a backbone in his body, he will call on these people to cease and desist," Smith said.
Sounds like Karl Rove bugging his own office in 1986 doesn't it?

Of course the Lieberloser's campaign had to admit they had no evidence that Lamont or his supporters did it. I wonder if they asked Karl?

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