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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An open letter to the Democratic Leadership Conference

Dear DLC
I am a progressive but I do believe in a "big tent" Democratic Party but the tent can only be so big. It has become obvious that the tent is not big enough for the overinflated ego of neocon and federalist Marshall Wittmann. While we progressives have been accused of a purge it is Marshall Wittman who has been doing everything he can to drive those who oppose the neocon agenda from the party. Some examples can be found here. Most recently he defended the indefensible policies of the Bush administration when he attacked a very reasonable observation by Lieberman supporter Jonathan Chait.
"Even though all but the loopiest Democrat would concede that Bin Laden is more evil than Bush, that doesn't mean he's a greater threat. Bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the mountains, has no weapons of mass destruction and apparently very limited numbers of followers capable of striking at the U.S.

"Bush, on the other hand, has wreaked enormous damage on the political and social fabric of the country. He has massively mismanaged a major war, with catastrophic consequences; he has strained the fabric of American democracy with his claims of nearly unchecked power and morally corrupt Gilded Age policies. It's quite reasonable to conclude that Bush will harm the nation more - if not more than Bin Laden would like to, than more than he actually can."
By attacking this commentary by Chait, Mr. Wittmann is defending the attack on the constitution by the Bush administration which does indeed represent as great or even greater threat to the American way of life than bin Laden ever could.

The progressive and the DLC wings of the Democratic Party can work together but only if the DLC ends it's relationship with Marshall Wittmann who sounds more like a Republican than many who still claim to be Republicans. If the DLC were to purge itself of Marshal Wittmann it would be a big step in the direction of Democratic party unity,

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