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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More BS from the political aristocrats

A few days ago Ezra Klein nailed it when he told us It's Not About Lieberman. He quotes Josh Marshall:
I think the Lieberman skeptics are really on to something when they point out that in the Kondrackes and others there is this sense that for a well-liked-in-the-beltway senior pol like Lieberman to face a primary challenge is somehow a genuine threat to the foundations of the system. You'd think he was a life peer, if not an hereditary noble, suddenly yanked out of the House of Lords and forced to run for his seat like they do in the Commons.
The opposition to Joe Lieberman is an example of populist politics at it finest and yes the blogs are responsible but because they are giving the non-aristocrats a voice. The aristocrats are scared, we have an example of this today over at Real Clear Politics, Democrats Lose if Lieberman is Defeated. This continuation of the meme that the populist Democrats will do the party in by ejecting people from the "big tent". I say bull shit. The Democrats must present an alternative to the delusional mind set of the neocons and that includes the purging the Joe Liebermans, Marshall Wittmanns and yes the Hillary Clintons. The neocon ideology is a failed one, the American people realize it even if the DLC doesn't.

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