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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Joe loses another one

First it was Hillary Clinton and today it's the DSCC.

In blow to Lieberman, senior party official says campaign committee will back winner of Democratic party in Connecticut
In a serious blow to Sen. Joseph Lieberman's (D-CT) reelection campaign, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is likely to back the winner of the Democratic primary in Connecticut, meaning that Lieberman may be left without national allies for campaign money.

A senior Democratic party official confirmed that the DSCC is unlikely to back Lieberman should he lose the primary to Ned Lamont, a more progressive contender in Connecticut who has garnered support from bloggers and has catalyzed his campaign around Lieberman's aggressive position on Iraq.
It's good to see the Democratic Party powers in DC are going to support the wishes of Democrats in Connecticut. But of course not everyone is happy. Marshall Wittmann, who is certainly not a Democrat, doesn't care about the Democratic Party and is concerned only with his own ego and his neocon vision of the world, is upset.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the party either does not see the import of the moment or is actively collaborating with the lefty takeover.
Sorry more bull than moose but if you didn't like "lefties" you should have stayed in the Republican Party. One party of neocons is one too many and we certainly don't need two.

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