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Friday, July 14, 2006

Desparate Scare Tactics

On a day when an AP-Ipsos poll found that Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin what the Democrats to gain control of congress we also have this:

Liberal Assault on Joe Could Hurt Democrats in Other Senate Races.

Yes, the neocons and Likudniks are frightened. To cover their bases the placed a mole, Marshall Wittmann, in the DLC to defend their failed policies and when a Connecticut poll showed that a majority of Jews in that state supported Lamont they were forced to play the once feared antisemitic card. Opposition to the failed necon ideology is the only thing that will make the Democratic Party relevant and their is no one who represents that failed policy on either side of the aisle than Joe Lieberman. Once again I'll say it, it's not about the man, Joe Lieberman, but about a dangerous and failed ideology.

And while we are talking about Joe Lieberman, check out Mark Schmitt's excellent analysis of Lieberman's problems in Connecticut over at TPM Cafe.

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