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Monday, July 17, 2006

Chuck Schumer says something significant!

"Europeans have forgotten the Nazi Holocaust and expect Israel to let Hamas and Hezbollah attack with impunity. It was in Europe that the Holocaust occurred only 60 years ago, and that's why Israel was created, so there would be a safe haven for the Jewish people,"
This is from the wingnut New York Post. It is indeed significant but not for the reason that Chuck Schumer thought.
Israel has used the Holocaust card very effectively for 60 years. Anyone who dared criticize anything that Israel did was immediately tagged "anti-Semitic". While few if any of us on the left have attempted to justify the actions of Hamas and Hezbollah the supporters of Israel have only seen one side and have thought that Israel could do nothing wrong. The Holocaust card is playing like it used to and Israel only has one unquestioning ally left in the world, the United States. Under the Bush administration the US has become marginalized. Israel fails to recognize this at it's own peril. Wrongs 60 years ago don't justify wrongs now.

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