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Friday, July 28, 2006

Armitage comes to his senses

Think Progress reports that Richard Armitage says that Bombing Campaign Will ‘End Up Empowering Hezbollah’. Someone I would think of as a neocon has basically rejected a major premise of the neocons.
Richard Armitage dramatically broke ranks with his neoconservative allies yesterday, saying in a radio interview that he feared it was impossible to eliminate Hezbollah through airstrikes, and that by attempting to do so, “you’re going to end up empowering Hezbollah, and perhaps introducing an element into the body politic in Lebanon that will take some great period of time to recover from.” Armitage also criticized the Bush administration for refusing to talk directly to Syria.
They also report that no major media source has picked this up and they also have a full transcript of the interview. I think this is already being born out on the ground and is of course what many of us realists thought in the first place.

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