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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The anti-Semitism card - it's getting old

After the holocaust few wanted to be labeled anti-Semitic. Israel has been using that card for 58 years to deflect any and all criticism. In the last few years it has been used by the the American Likud, AKA neocons. Over at The Moderate Voice today Michael Stickings had a post on the latest bat shit crazy rantings from Bill Kristol. In the comments section The Moderate Voice's own Marshall Wittmann clone, Holly in Cincinnati wrote the following:
You do realize that much of the Krazy Left calls ME a neocon?

You do realize that many accusations of "neo-con" are thinly-veiled anti-Semitism?
Com-mentor Pyst responded:
"You do realize that many accusations of "neo-con" are thinly-veiled anti-Semitism?"

Wow, I can't believe this line.

PNAC members are off limits folks, because to disagree with them is anti-semitism. This also goes for AIPAC, or any lobbying group with any Jewish members, so shut up, lay back, and accept whatever they want.

The more I look at this kind of tripe I start to realize we are to be used as a surrogate army to enforce others desires, lest we be called racists, or in this case anti-semites.
My response:
Holly in Cincinnati
The anti-semitism card has played well for 60+ years but it isn't playing like it used to. If I am anti-semitic when I am critical of a wack job madman like Kristol or critical of anything Israel does than I will wear that badge proudly.
I'm sorry Holly but the Israel's Likud strategy has on resulted in 58 years of war and less security for Israel. The wet dreams of the neocons like Bill Kristol, Marshall Wittmann and yes, Joe Lieberman have only resulted in the US being bogged down in the quagmire of Iraq and less security than we had before. If being critical of failed policy makes me anti-semitic so be it.

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