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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Supreme Court rejects Bush and Roberts - Update

Update to Supreme Court rejects Bush and Roberts

Will the Bush/Cheney cabal get what they want in spite of the SCOTUS decision? This sounds about right.
The decision is actually a huge political gift to President Bush, and the detainees will not be released that easily. The President and GOP leaders will propose a bill to override the decision and keep the terrorists in jail until they are securely transferred to host countries for permanent punishment. The Administration and its allies will release plenty of information on the terrorist acts committed by the detainees for which they were detained (see this great ABC News interview with the Gitmo warden). They will also release information about those terrorist acts committed by Gitmo prisoners after they were released. They will challenge the "judicial interference with national security" and challenge dissenting Congressmen and civil libertarians to either stand with the terrorists or the American people. The Pentagon will continue to release a small number of detainees as circumstances allow. The bill will pass easily and quickly. And if the Supremes invalidate that law, we'll see another legislative response, and another, until they get it right. Just watch.
I'm not sure this needs to be a "huge political gift to President Bush" but it will turn out that way. With the Democrats in congress made up of folks that are either spineless or just as hawkish as the neocons a law will be passed easily that legalizes the military tribunals. If congress tries to put lipstick on the pig to make themselves look important Bush will simply ignore the portions of the law he doesn't like.

Update (of the update)
John Cole has some thoughts that are worth reading, With us or With Them

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