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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paul Craig Roberts on Bush's Armageddon

Becky over at Preemptive Karma caught this latest Paul Craig Roberts rant against the criminally insane followers of Leo Strauss, A Final End to History?
John Bolton, a notorious neocon warmonger who could not be confirmed as America's ambassador to the UN by even the compliant and corrupt US Senate, got the job as a recess appointment. He is using the platform to push America into war with Iran.
Roberts then goes on to document all of Bolton's lies designed to insure that the peaceful resolution can be reached with Iran. He also points out that the US would have to use nukes since the rest of the military is streached out so thin.
Nuking Iran is an essential part of the attack plan. The US lacks the necessary conventional military force to invade and occupy Iran, but the use of nuclear weapons against Iran has a wider purpose. The neocons are determined not to have any more embarrassments, such as the Iraqi insurgency. By nuking Iran they intend to send a wider message that the US will use every means at its disposal to ensure its hegemony. The neocons believe that the use of nukes will convince Arabs and the wider world that there is no recourse to accepting America's will.

The neoconservatives could not care less about public opinion. Neocons are contemptuous of the American people. Leo Strauss taught neocons that it was their duty to deceive the clueless American people in order to implement their agenda of global domination. The neocons believe that they have a perfect right, even the obligation, to manipulate the public through propaganda and black ops in order to create acceptance and support for their wars of aggression.

The neocons are the epitome of evil, and they have succumbed to hubris. Like Hitler when he attacked the Soviet Union, neocons believe that their manipulative skills and use of military power will carry the day for their agenda. Hitler's hubris doomed Germany to destruction. What price will America pay for neocon hubris?

When the neocon nazis nuke Iran it will revive memories in Japan and break the US-Japanese alliance. Japan owns enough US Treasury bonds to be able to destroy both the US dollar and the market for Washington's endless red ink. Russia, China, India, and even our European lackeys will have it forcefully brought home to them that the US is an out-of-control rogue nation. They will unify against us. Most likely our bought and paid for puppets in the MIddle East will fall, and Islamic leaders will gain Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Al Qaeda will gain tens of millions of recruits.
Keep in mind that Roberts was really the first to remind us of the fascist leanings of the Bush cabal and there are probably more than a few Republicans who wish they had listened to Mr Roberts then. I wrote the following in the comments section over at Preemptive Karma:
Roberts was part of the Reagan administration and the Reaganites figured out before it was too late that the Straussian Neocons were complete nut cases. When Roberts talks about them he knows what he is talking about. The administration of Bush I also realized they were dangerous nut cases and kept them out of most policy making. Cheney and the others followers of Leo Strauss managed to get a moronic dry drunk they could manipulate elected president. This is their last shot at world domination and they know it, that's what makes them so dangerous. Can they be stopped? I don't know but I bet there are a lot of people trying behind the scenes and if they are stopped the method may not be entirely constitutional. Not even Exxon Mobile has anything to gain from a radioactive middle east and the same can be said for GE etc.

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