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Monday, June 12, 2006

Marshall Wittmann - A Monday morning rant

It didn't take Marshall Wittmann long. Before everyone was home from Las Vegas he was in the attack mode.
And a gaggle of supposedly centrist Presidential wannabees flocked to Vegas to genuflect before a blogger convention that had as much to do with winning mainstream America as Paris Hilton does with winning the hearts of Focus on the Family. Ironically, the once edgy bloggers have become yet another Democratic interest group - people with screen names - that is pandered to by politicians looking for "buzz" and money.

These bloggers are the cyberspace heirs to the New Politics tradition of the late '60s that put the party in the wilderness for twelve years which was only interrupted by a Carter in '76 (as a result of Watergate). There is the model of Clinton and there are the models of McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry. This is a time to choose.

Fortunately, a Clinton chose not to attend the left wing bloggerfest. Good for her.
In the same post he praised Willaim Jefferson Clinton, the man who brought us the disaster known as NAFTA and left the Democratic Party all but moribund. He praised the other Clinton, Hillary, for not attending the Las Vegas event. As you might recall Wittmann has successfully turned Hillary into the new Goddess of War.

So who is Marshall Wittmann? Let's take a look at his bio.
Marshall Wittmann is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and one of the nation's most quoted analysts on political and congressional issues. He specializes in the growing role of the independent voter.

Prior to joining the Institute, Wittmann held notable positions in government and private institutions. In the private sector, he served as the Heritage Foundation's director of congressional relations both for the U.S. House and Senate. Wittmann also served as the Christian Coalition's director of legislative affairs. In the Bush Administration, he served as the deputy assistant secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services.
In 2002 Wittmann declared himself an "ex-Republican". Wittmann is not driven by principal only by his own ego. He was unable to remake the Republican Party in his own image so he jumped ship and decided to remake the Democratic Party. Red States Ben Domenech said it well when Wittmann jumped ship:
.....Wittmann is now the resident of a party of one, a party where his own arch political philosophy without a cause can run free and rampant, with the simultaneous (surely coincidental) bonus of earning him lots of new speaking contracts and getting him quoted in a lot more articles.
So now Marshall Wittmann is attacking the very people who are standing up for the principals of the Democratic Party and trying to breath some life into the corpse that 8 years of Bill Clinton left. Just say no to Marshall Wittmann when he tries to feed his overblown ego on the Democratic Party. And yes, when he leaves he can take Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton with him.

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