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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Constitution Party's Mary Starrett

The Oregonian has an article on one of the States more enigmatic candidates for governor, Constitution Party's Mary Starrett. For those of you that have not been around Portland for the last 25 years Marry Starrett was the bubbly co-host of a morning TV show. It is rumored that her contract was not renewed because her politics often found it's way into the show. For starters Mary is very anti-abortion so much so that she considers Oregon's major anti-abortion group, Oregon Right to Life, a sell out. Now for the enigmatic parts:
In one breath, she speaks in admiring tones of Ronald Reagan, and then in the next will excoriate George W. Bush, the president who has tried the hardest to follow in Reagan's footsteps.

The Iraq war is "immoral, unlawful and ill-advised," she says, and she adds of Republicans who still support Bush: "You know, he could molest a child on prime-time television and they'd still find a way to excuse some of the stuff he's done."


She believes in the literal truth of the Bible but has issues with organized religion.

Conservative talk show hosts drive her so crazy that she's taken to listening to NPR and Air America, the liberal talk network. Oh, and she's a vegetarian who loves animals, and she finally kicked smoking three years ago.
And about organized religion:
"I think the majority of Christians in this country and in this state are mightily on the wrong track," she says, charging that they too often blindly follow political organizations mostly interested in their own political success. Starrett says she regards herself as a Christian but attends church only occasionally.
I guess the question is exactly what is the base of an anti-abortion, anti-Bush, anti-war candidate? The Republican candidate, Ron Saxton while saying he is pro-life is a little too wishy washy for the militant crowd so her base is probably the single issue anti-abortion types.

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