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Thursday, May 18, 2006

When chimp politics threaten the nation!

Today we heard this form CIA head nominee Gen. Michael Hayden.
In an opening statement, Hayden said that intelligence-gathering has become “the football in American political discourse” since the terror attacks of Sept. 11.
Now I wonder who he thinks turned it into a political football? Maybe this from Ken Silverstein offers a hint.
The New York Times and others have reported that in 2003, the CIA station chief in Baghdad authored several special field reports that offered extremely negative assessments of the situation on the ground in Iraq—assessments that later proved to be accurate. The field reports, known as “Aardwolfs,” were angrily rejected by the White House. Their author—who I'm told was a highly regarded agency veteran named Gerry Meyer—was soon pushed out of the CIA, in part because his reporting angered the See No Evil crowd within the Bush administration. “He was a good guy,” one recently retired CIA official said of Meyer, “well-wired in Baghdad, and he wrote a good report. But any time this administration gets bad news, they say the critics are assholes and defeatists, and off we go down the same path with more pressure on the accelerator.”
That's right, it was the Bush/Cheney administration. It should be obvious that Gen Hayden is nothing but a neocon administration hack who is being sent to the CIA to continue the loyalty purge at the CIA that Porter Goss was simply to incompetent to carry out.

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