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Friday, May 19, 2006

What do you think now Joe?

I wonder what smokin Joe Lieberman thinks of King George's misadventure in Iraq now?
US fumes as Iraq backs Israel boycott
The US-backed Iraqi government sent an official representative to this week's meeting of the Arab League Boycott Office in Damascus, The Jerusalem Post has learned, prompting criticism from members of Congress and the Bush administration.

Liaison officers from 14 countries met for four days this week to discuss ways of intensifying the Arab embargo against Israel. Among those taking part were delegates from several ostensible US allies, such as Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

Tom Casey, a spokesman for the US State Department, told the Post that Washington was unhappy with Baghdad's action.

"We are disappointed by the decision of the Iraqi government to attend this meeting, and will be noting our concerns with Iraqi officials," he said. "We have raised this issue with Iraqi officials in the past and expect to raise it with them again."
As I recall one of the almost unlimited number of lame justifications for the illegal invasion of Iraq would be a Democratic friend of Israel in the middle east. Well not too surprisingly that justification has gone up in a cloud of smoke just like the rest. Instead of a Democracy friendly to Israel we are at best going to end up with an Islamic theocracy allied to Iran. And it doesn't even look very likely that Dick Cheney's buddies in the oil industry are even going to get any oil.

Even one of my favorite wingnut whackos, Debbie Schlussel is enraged.
Where is our government and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on this? Too busy telling Bono and The Independent that "Rocket Man" reminds her of her first boyfriend, apparently.

We should be telling Iraq that if they boycott Israel, they don't get funds. But we won't. Just like we gave in and gave our tax $$$ to HAMASastan's government.

But don't hold your breath. Our foreign policy is consistent on one thing: Those who run it simply don't have the guts. Despite all their self-promotion, PR, and hype about their physical fitness work-outs, when it comes to the real tests of strength, President Bush and Clueless Condoleeza are just plain wimpy.

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