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Friday, May 05, 2006

See Ya Porter

So Porter Goss has suddenly resigned, key word suddenly. Joe Gandelman has a good summary of what we know which isn't much. I just have this observation, we haven't heard the last of it. As I said the key word is suddenly. No replacement and the resignation was effective immediately. And why would the administration bump a drugs-cars-Kennedy story off the top of the page? They had to be in a hurry. The only question is why and right now we don't know although I'm sure Porter has a number skeletons in his closet any one of which could have suddenly tumbled out. I don't think we will have to wait long since the administration was in such a hurry to put Porter behind them. And what does Bill Kristol know?
"Something happened," neo-conservative magazine editor William Kristol said on Fox News this afternoon. "It's going to be a bad few days. We're going to discover something ... It will be something not good for the Bush Administration."

Fox News actually got a phone call from a "top White House official" during Kristol's damning comments, and Kristol was cut off so Bush mouthpiece Chris Wallace could say the Goss resignation is just a harmless part of the "White House shakeup." Sure.

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