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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If you're going to hire criminals as advisers, at least hire smart ones!

I thought we needed some humor as we all return from our various Memorial Day breaks, and this story is one for the books. You may recall that, during the 2002 elections, the Republicans came up with a doozy of an idea. They would hamper Democratic voter turnout by using a telemarketing firm to jam the phone lines of the Democratic get out the vote effort. Clever, but not nearly clever enough since several Republican operatives went down over that one. Among them was Charles McGee, the former executive director of the state Republican Party. Old chuck did some time in the Big House for that one, but he's back out on the streets now and he's found himself a new job. Doing what, you may ask? Well, he's not asking if you want fries with that.
A major figure in the Election Day phone-jamming scandal that embarrassed and nearly bankrupted the New Hampshire GOP is out of prison and back in the political game.

Charles McGee, the former executive director of the state Republican Party, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and served seven months for his part in the scheme to have a telemarketer tie up Democratic and union phone lines in 2002.

He's back at his old job with a Republican political marketing firm, Spectrum Monthly & Printing Inc., and will be helping out at the firm's "GOP campaign school" for candidates.

Richard Pease, the firm's co-president, said McGee would be available to advise candidates at the two-day event, planned for next weekend in Manchester. McGee's role at the school was reported Thursday by the New Hampshire Union Leader.

So, New England Republicans, get out there and sign up for Chuck's services fast. I understand he's selling like hotcakes.

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