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Sunday, May 07, 2006

I don't think so!

How much influence does George W. Bush have on the Republicans in congress? Judging from the way is expected nomination of General Michael Hayden to head the CIA has been received not much.
House Intelligence Chairman Opposes Hayden as Next CIA Chief
The chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee urged the White House not to nominate Air Force Lieutenant General Michael Hayden to head the civilian Central Intelligence Agency.

Hayden, 61, a veteran intelligence official, is likely to be nominated, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, a senior administration official said May 5.

Hayden is principal deputy director in the Office of National Intelligence, the agency recently created to coordinate a wide array of U.S. intelligence functions now carried out by more than a dozen civilian and military units. Previously he served as director of the super-secret National Security Agency, which runs massive electronic surveillance programs over international communications.
This would be a typical "in your face - bring it on" nomination by the Bush/Cheney cabal. His close association with the NSA spying controversy is bound to make for a tumultuous confirmation hearing, the last thing on earth the Republicans in the Senate want a few months away from the November elections.

"Bring it on" can go both ways so I say bring Hayden on.


As usual Joe Gandelman has a good summary and excellent observations.
.....the administration has selected as his replacement someone it KNOWS is going to be highly controversial and who will spark yet another divisive battle in Congress that raises the national political heat level — and divides Americans into bitterly divisive political camps.

There were other options. But, if the Post piece is to be believed, it's clear that this is to excite and win back the GOP's eroding conservative base — and define the Democrats.

Question: Isn't it time for Americans who believe that national unity and consensus aren't bad, and independent voters in particular, to honestly ask themselves whether George Bush is across-the-boards (rather just on one single issue) perhaps the most intentionally divisive President in American history?

Update II
The Uniter and Decider may have finally decided to do something to unite the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.
Bipartisan fight brews over potential CIA nominee
U.S. lawmakers, some from President George W. Bush's Republican party, are challenging his expected choice as CIA chief of a general behind a disputed domestic spying program.

They voiced reservations on Sunday talk shows about Bush's potential choice of Gen. Michael Hayden, deputy to national intelligence director John Negroponte, to head the spy agency following Porter Goss's resignation under pressure on Friday.

The members of Congress said they wanted to use Hayden's Senate nomination hearings to learn more about the program of warrantless eavesdropping on Americans' international phone calls and e-mail in pursuit of terrorism suspects. Critics say the program threatens civil liberties but Bush defends it as essential to fighting terrorism.
But John McCain is once again showing his true colors.
Republican Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record) of Arizona, however, called Hayden "very highly qualified" and told CBS's "Face the Nation" it was important that the Senate quickly act on the nomination. He declined to say how he would vote.

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