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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Desperation at the DLC

Jane Hamsher reports that Joe Lieberman is in serious trouble against Ned Lamont, so much trouble in fact that Republicans are coming to his defense. A Lieberman primary loss would also be a big loss for the DLC and they know it. As a result the DLC's Marshall Wittmann is in full attack mode this morning. In his post titled The GOP Good News he once again resorts to vicious name calling:
But there is a silver lining. Some Democrats are rushing into the grasp of the loony tune lefties.

Move On has moved on to Connecticut to attempt to purge one of the most esteemed centrists in the party - Joe Lieberman. They are joined by the flotsam and jetsam of the internet and Howard Dean's organization in an attempt to demonstrate to the country that hawkish moderate liberals are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

At a time when the Democrats should be presenting a reassuring centrist face to the country - they are in a rush to lurch to the left. This upcoming weekend the leadership of the party will be headed to Vegas to pay homage to a far left wing internet impresario. And this is how they are sending the message that they will not follow the Republicans' example and pander to the base?
Wittmann is of course talking about the YearlyKos convention.

Neocons are not centrists!

In his next post Wittmann sounds like a neocon beating the drums of war. In Containment he repeats the neocons talking points on Iran. Steve Soto reported yesterday that even many Republicans are turning against aggression against Iran but not the neocons in the DLC.

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