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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tantrums of the adolescent in chief

Bush's performance this morning was like nothing I've seen since my youngest son was 15 years old. He grew out of adolescence, Bush never did. "I'm the decider" indeed. I was both enraged and scared to death when I witnessed Bush's performance but I was having trouble putting it into words. Fortunately Digby didn't have that problem and said it for me.
Once again, I am stunned that the Republicans had the gall to foist this manchild on the United States of America --- and that so many Americans accepted it for so long. There's a lot of talk in the wingnutsphere about "Bush Derangement Syndrome" which says that we are all suffering form irrational hatred of Dear Leader. But it's not accurate. Bush is just a spoiled, deluded little boy, pushed into a job that was obvious to any sentient being would be too much for him. My righteous anger is for the big money pooh bahs like Dick Cheney who would gamble with this country's future by choosing a brand name in an empty suit for president. They proved that they can sell anything, I'll give them that. But as with their other colossal marketing success and business failure, Enron, the sales job couldn't cover the corruption and poor planning forever. Therefore, I blame the Republican Party more than little Junior. He's just a pathetic loser who believed his own hype --- responsible for his actions, of course, but not the mastermind.

And over at the Moderate Voice Joe Gandelman wasn't sounding all that moderate.
Some years ago, in a playful moment immortalized on video, George Bush, in the days before he was President, gave the half-a-peace sign you see at left to a videographer.

Today, he's President, and while his body language may have changed, his attitude apparently hasn't.
Go read the rest of what Joe's not so moderate voice has to say.

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