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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The more they hear this less they like it.

The they of course is the American people and they what they are hearing and not liking is George W. Bush. After a blitz of appearances and press conferences Bush's approval rating has fallen even more, down to 36% according to the Bush friendly Fox News Poll. Even approval by the kool-aide crowd is now below 75%. Even though congress and the President have been talking about immigration that issue comes in fourth as an issue for the American people. In spite of the White House mantra that the economy is just great it comes in as the number one issue. In spite of the White House mantra that everything is just peachy in Iraq it comes in a close number two. Earth to Bush and the Republicans; the spin is not working. This poll was taken before today's revelations that Bush himself approved of leaking classified information to the press in the lead up to the war.

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