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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Of course we all knew the the GOP lawmakers were morally bankrupt but it has become obvious that under the leadership of Doctor Senator Mullah Bill Frist they are politically bankrupt as well. The latest example is the $100 rebate to help pay for gasoline. When I first heard about it I couldn't help but roll my eyes back and start laughing. I knew they were in trouble when the reaction on FOX News was about the same. Well the American people have spoken and they are not impressed either.
The Senate Republican plan to mail $100 checks to voters to ease the burden of high gasoline prices is eliciting more scorn than gratitude from the very people it was intended to help.

Aides for several Republican senators reported a surge of calls and e-mail messages from constituents ridiculing the rebate as a paltry and transparent effort to pander to voters before the midterm elections in November.

"The conservatives think it is socialist bunk, and the liberals think it is conservative trickery," said Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, pointing out that the criticism was coming from across the ideological spectrum.

Angry constituents have asked, "Do you think we are prostitutes? Do you think you can buy us?" said another Republican senator's aide, who was granted anonymity to openly discuss the feedback because the senator had supported the plan.
Good job Mr Frist, another Terri Schiavo moment.

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