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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thomas Friedman on Iraq and Iran

Although there are certain columnists I miss since The New York Times put them behind the wall Thomas Friedman is not one. I used to torture myself by reading his idiotic musing about the flat earth and the wonders of "free" trade. NPR gave me the opportunity for some self flagellation this afternoon when they interviewed Friedman. Much to my surprise he actually said a few things that made some sense in addition to his normal drivel. Without directly saying so he indicated that he thinks Bush mis-adventure in Iraq is lost. He realizes that the American people are not going to support it anymore. Juan Cole and others have indicated that Iran is the only possible winner of the Iraq war. Friedman had a slightly different take. He thinks that if the US were to pick up and leave Iran would have to step in. They will be stepping into the mess created by George W. Bush and although they may have some support from the Shia the Sunnis will not be too pleased and the Kurds could be a problem if they get too heavy handed with them. It could be the Iranians instead of the Americans that are bogged down in the middle of an Iraqi civil war. I hadn't thought of it that way but it does make some sense and is at least something to think about.

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