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Sunday, March 05, 2006

An Open Letter on the Hypocrisy of Hinderaker

For the 704th in our 2,000 part series on how the Right wing neocons are doing everything possible to ratchet up a holy war against Islam (while damping news about any other religions' activities) we turn to this strange story from Israel.
NAZARETH, Israel - Thousands of Israeli Arab protesters marched through the streets of this biblical town Saturday demanding better protection for holy sites after a troubled family set off firecrackers inside a major Christian shrine.
The couple in question were a mixed faith pair - Jewish and Christian. They were in the Basilica of Annunciantion in Israel, pushing a baby stroller, and set off some firecrackers inside the holy place. They didn't burn it down or destroy it, of course, but it was still certainly alarming to all present. Following the incident, a large mob of Israeli Arabs (presumably mostly Christians from the news account) began to riot outside, trapping the "Jewish couple" inside the Basilica and setting fire to a police car. Make no mistake... it was a riot.

Now, as to the relation between this and the Right wing Holy War on Islam, let's take a quick look at how John "Hindrocket" Hinderaker chose to spin this story. Keep a close eye on the ball as I emphasize a few of his choice references for you in bold. It starts with the title John chooses for his post. "A Sad Story."
Friday evening, a troubled Jewish/Christian couple and their daughter entered the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, pushing a stroller. The stroller contained firecrackers, which they set off inside the Basilica. That triggered a panic inside the church, which is understandable. What is not so understandable is that a riot ensued outside the church. Rioters kept the Jewish couple inside, and prevented the police from entering. They burned at least one police car.

Reporting on the riot has been a bit odd, I think. Who, exactly, were the rioters? Israeli Arabs, of course. News accounts suggest, without saying explicitly, that they were Arab Christians. If they were, I am ashamed of them.


Now Israeli Arabs, both Muslim and Christian--there are far more Muslims, of course--are using the firecracker incident as a political weapon against Israel's majority Jewish population.
Hinderaker than goes on to explain how Christianity doesn't really have "holy sites" (his exact quote) so it's really not such a big deal. (Oh really, John? I can't wait to see your reaction when some Islamic extremists try to firebomb the Vatican.)

Holy Mother of Pearl... where to even start on this little Holy War spin festival? First, let's look at Hindrocket's description of the perpetrators... "a troubled Jewish/Christian couple." He even goes on to describe in detail about how the man and wife had already had children removed from their home by the Israeli equivalent of Social Services. You can almost see the tears welling up in John's little eyes over the plight of these poor, troubled souls.

Can you IMAGINE what the reaction from Powerline, or even worse... Michelle Malkin, would be if the couple had been a pair of Muslims with some firecrackers? JIHADIS! JIHADIS! ISLAMOFASCISTS ARE DESECRATING ONE OF OUR HOLIEST PLACES! BURN THEM! But, of course, since they were Jewish/Christian, they're a "troubled couple."

Oh, and the riot outside? It was carried out by Christians, so it's not understandable and John is ashamed of them. But what happens when Muslims riot over portrayals of their Prophet in cartoons or the bombing of a Mosque? JIHADIS! JIHADIS! ISLAMOFASCISTS ARE RIOTING!! BURN THEM ALL!!

And while the article clearly talks about Christians rioting, John chooses to immediately twist that around 180 degrees and point out that, among Israeli Arabs, there are far more Muslims, of course. Oh yes, John. I'm sure that Muslims are lining up for miles around to protest damage to a Christian Basilica.

A few of the Right wingnutteratie, such as Malkin and Rusty Shackleford, have at least had the intellectual honesty to come out and as much as openly admit that they are pushing as hard as they can for an out and out Holy War against Islam, since it serves the political and ideological purposes of the far Right wing. What I find even more offensive is the approach of hypocrites like the Powerline bunch who keep trying to pretend as if they are portraying both sides of the story evenly while pouring on this type of honey covered, poisonous spin to make it look as if the only problems caused in the world are the work of all Muslims and the Christians and Jews could never really do anything very wrong. They're just... "troubled", you know?

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