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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Bull than Moose Iraq Edition

I frequently find myself at odds with the DLC and Marshall Wittmann but no more so than today. Today he praises lap dog Tony Blair's defense of the debacle in Iraq which for those of us old enough to remember Vietnam is deja vu all over again. Wittmann starts out We Must Win with the same old Vietnam era bull shit.
At a time when many progressives press for retreat, Prime Minister Blair forcefully argued that there is an inseparable link between the conflict in Iraq and the greater war against the forces of Islamic reaction.
He then goes on to slam the vast majority of progressives and a majority of the American people.
Unfortunately, American progressives rarely speak about the stakes in the war against Jihadism. They are far too preoccupied with complaining about the Administration's failures in the war. Of course, there is much to criticize. But, the enemy is not this President, but a profoundly reactionary faction that seeks to defeat America in Iraq and then move on to other triumphs. Whatever one's position on the wisdom of removing Saddam's tyranny, that fact should be apparent.
This is a rerun of the Vietnam domino theory, a theory that turned out to be dead wrong. And he concludes with this little gem.
Defeatism prevails in the Democratic Party. While that stance may appear to have short-term political benefits, the party will and should pay a stiff price with both the American people and history if it presses for retreat at the moment our enemy is on the offensive.

Zarqawi understands the stakes. Blair understands the stakes. It's time for Democrats to grasp the stakes, as well.
Just goes to show you that the Bush administration doesn't have a monopoly on delusion, it's alive and well in the DLC.

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