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Sunday, March 12, 2006

DC to AC

I couldn't really find anything in the media or the blogosphere that inspired me to write this morning except this absurd bit of genuflection from David J. Rothkopf at the Washington Post, Look Who's Running the World Now. Well The Heretik did a perfectly good job of taking it apart so I don't have to.
In what surely must be the most conveniently time power switch from DC to AC (Dick Cheney to Anybody but Cheney), we discover:

The Dick Cheney era of foreign policy is over.

And with another click of the heels of the ruby slippers, we’ll be back in Kansas, Toto! Condi Rice at State is now in charge of all things diplomatic. Cheney who was never diplomatic has fallen back against the defibrillator. Matinee idol Donald Rumsfeld is but a dollar movie dude.
Go read the rest, it gets even better.

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