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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cheering on the ones you hate

One of the progressives greatest enemies won his Republican primary.
HOUSTON, March 7 — Representative Tom DeLay survived a challenge to his renomination for Congress Tuesday night, outpacing three Republican primary rivals seeking to capitalize on the criminal charges and ethics citations against him.

Mr. DeLay, 58, an 11-term incumbent, turned out a disciplined army of poll workers and pledged his Washington influence on behalf of NASA's Johnson Space Center and other big constituencies.

With nearly 88 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. Delay had 19,684, or 61 percent of the vote, far ahead of his closest opponent, Tom Campbell, at 9,595, or 30 percent.
Good job Tom, this is good news for the Democrats, as Democrat Nick Lampson can beat him in November.

And hang in there Katherine. More trouble for Harris: The final straw?
If you heard a big implosion during the weekend, it may have been the sound of Katherine Harris' campaign.

After continuously running way behind Democrat Bill Nelson in the polls, Harris is now facing a barrage of bad press involving allegedly illegal campaign contributions she took from a defense contractor at the center of a Washington bribery scandal. Her hometown paper, Sarasota's Herald-Tribune, says she has canceled campaign stops, describing her bid for the U.S. Senate as being in "full crisis mode."

There's now serious speculation that Harris may finally do on her own what some of the Republican Party wanted all along: Drop out.
If she does drop out it will make Bill Nelson's reelection bid much more difficult.

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