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Friday, February 24, 2006

What the hell's wrong with Kansas now? (Part 2,149)

Man, this is just fabulous, isn't it? A heartwarming tale from the heartland, if you will. No matter what any of us may think about Bush's war in Iraq, probably the last place that any person with a shred of decency would consider protesting is at the funeral of a fallen soldier in front of his grieving relatives. Yet that's exactly what's happening here. The trick is, these aren't anti-war protesters.

Oh, no indeed. These are, in fact, the self proclaimed chosen children of God who are very eager to inform us all that God is systematically killing off all of our soldiers because the United States military allows gays in the service. Yep... you read that right. It's not an anti-war protest. It's anti-gay.
On her way into the church where the funeral was to be held for her 23-year-old son Thursday morning, Deirdre Ostlund approached six men and women waving signs against gays and America and told them in a cold fury: "I'm Andrew's mother, and I want you to know you are truly hateful people."

As Ostlund turned away, Shirley Phelps-Roper taunted her: "Adulterer! You can't admit you sent your own child to hell! If she does not heed this warning, she will look up from hell with him."

Her small group continued to sing "God hates America."

Christ on a crutch! Is there something in the water in Kansas or something? Has the government been doing secret, Tuskegee-like experiments on the food supplies to alter them genetically? I mean, nobody can just wake up in the morning and think that's a good idea!

No evolution? Ok, I can see where they might want to take that stand? No abortion? Sure. They're "God's people" and we've gotten used to that pitch by now. But this? What the bleeding hell is wrong with Kansas?

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