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Friday, February 24, 2006

Is Bush's ship going down?

Did the Bush family's long time friends in Dubai fire a fatal shot at the Bush ship of state? It sure looks like it. According to a new Rasmussen Poll only 17% approve of the sale of 6 US ports to Dubai Ports World. And that's the least of the bad news for Bush. Forty-three percent (43%) say they trust the Democrats more on national security than Bush at 41%. This is an amazing turn around. If you don't think it has the Republicans shaking in their boots just read this by Bush cultist John Podhoretz at The National Review.
Rasmussen has a new poll up in which -- hold on now -- Democrats in Congress are outpolling President Bush on national security. By a margin of 43 to 41 percent, Americans say they trust Congressional Democrats more than Bush when it comes to protecting our national security. And by a margin of 64-17 percent, they oppose the sale of the ports to Dubai.

The deal is dead. It won't survive after a 45-day extension or a 450-day extension. Congressional Republicans have no choice but to be extremely aggressive and nasty toward the president and the White House, because they will be properly terrified of looking like Bush's lapdogs on a hugely unpopular matter that goes to the heart of the Republican party's political advantage in the United States.

If the White House doesn't handle this well in the next three days, the political consequences could be catastrophic.
So what can Bush do in the "next three days"? Not much, this is a lose lose for Bush. Bush either has to go against the wishes of the American people and his own party or he has to play the part of a swaggering cowboy who backs down. How do you spell really crippled duck?

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