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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Contrasting views of Buckley's white flag

A couple of interesting reactions to William F. Buckley's white flag yesterday, the first from Taylor Marsh and the second from Captain Ed.
You should read the Taylor Marsh entry in it's entirety but in the middle is the Bush administration and Iraq in a nutshell.
We've reached an apocalyptic moment in Iraq, our presence more of a hindrance than help. President Bush's failed leadership on this war and everything having to do with our foreign policy is something that will take years, maybe even a generation, from which to recover. But for the foreseeable future, George W. Bush's presidency will be a Republican reminder of a headstrong, arrogant, willful foreign policy, which the Congress backed, but which Bush incompetently managed by remaining out of touch with reality from start to finish of the war, provided it ends in his term.
And then we have Captain Ed. Many of us have been saying all along that there was nothing conservative about the Bush administration. Well Captain Ed seems to agree so he has seen fit to redefine conservative. The "paleoconservatives" like Buckley are out and have been replaced by the ever so virtuous neoconservatives. He then goes on to compare George W. Bush to Woodrow Wilson. While there might be some superficial similarities as I recall Wilson was drug into intervention and war kicking and screaming while Bush had been planning it for years and was only waiting for an excuse.

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