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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Are countries irrelevant?

On both the Left and the Libertarian Right there is constant chatter about the creeping fascist threat in the United States but in this age of Globalization and The World Trade Organization and not so much about the US but the world. In the Washington Post today Harold Meyerson discusses the port deal.
We're selling our harbors to an Arab government. Our biggest Internet companies are complicit in the Chinese government's censorship of information and suppression of dissidents. Welcome to American capitalism in the age of globalization.

Here the market rules. National security and freedom of speech are all well and good, but they are distinctly secondary concerns when they bump up against our highest national purpose, which is maximizing shareholder value.
We are talking about fascism on the march on a global scale; countries have become irrelevant. We are not looking at a US or western hegemony but a corporate hegemony. Countries no longer matter, only corporations. That's what George Bush represents. This has been rejected by counties like Venezuela and probably Mexico this year. Is it our turn now?

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